Stages to achieve Organic marketing

Welcome to the fourth video of the complete Organic Marketing Course series!

By now, we hope you understand the current marketing landscape and your target audience and segments. Once you prepare your ICPs and target personas, it’s time to get started with organic marketing.

In this chapter, we’ll start with a brief introduction to organic marketing and then move on to the seven stages to achieve it. 

If you look at the table of content, you can see that SEO is the final stage in the process, not the first. Remember that content comes first, not SEO; if the content is not good, no amount of SEO tactics is going to save it.

We have detailedly explained each stage, and there are working examples, templates, and tools you can use at every step.

We hope you find the video informative, and we’re looking forward to your comments regarding it.

Table of content:

  1. Introduction to organic marketing
    1. What is organic marketing?
  2. The 7 stages to achieve organic marketing
    1. Keyword research
    2. Content strategy
    3. Generate content
    4. Align content
    5. Publish & promote
    6. Monitor & measure
    7. Optimize & improve
  3. Summary