B2B Customer Lifecycle Journey

Welcome to the third video of the 7-part complete Organic Marketing Course series!

Have you ever heard the quote, “If you’re selling to everyone, you’re selling to no one?”

Customers are the cornerstone of marketing, and the entire business is built on solving their pain points. But not everyone is looking to buy your product, and that’s why it’s crucial to know who you’re selling to.

Well, this chapter is everything about customers and their lifecycle journey.

We’ll start by looking at the target audience and breaking them into target segments. Then, we’ll see three types of ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and further divide them based on certain attributes. 

Finally, we’ll learn the lifecycle journey of the customers using AIDA and the updated AIDA++ model, before summarizing the video.

We hope you would find the video valuable and worth your time.

Table of content:

  1. Target customer and segment
    1. What are target customers?
    2. What are target segments?
  2. Ideal customer profile/persona (ICP)
    1. Three types of ICPs
      1. Who is a buyer?
      2. Who is an influencer?
      3. Who is a user?
    2. Dividing ICPs based on certain attributes
      1. Who are audiences/prospects?
      2. Who is a lead?
      3. Who is a customer?
  3. Customer lifecycle journey
    1. The AIDA framework
      1. How AIDA is seen as a marketing funnel?
    2. The AIDA++ framework
      1. Awareness
      2. Interest for research
      3. Interest for compare
      4. Desire to purchase
      5. Act and use
      6. Experience
      7. Loyalty
      8. Word of mouth
  4. Summary