Stuck in hazy visibility or wondering how to capture leads?

Content Monitoring and Insights

Innoventsoft platform provides key metrics for B2B marketers to track their content performance. Marketers also get actionable insights on which content to be gated for maximum form-fills.

Content Performance Monitoring

Get real-time visibility of all your blogs, landing pages, Ads, videos, webinars, and social media in a single pane.

Track Keyword Performance

Innoventsoft platform  provides product marketers the ability to track how their content is performing based on keywords. The platform provides insights to optimize the content further and improve search rank of the content.

Content Insights for more Leads

With Innoventsoft platform, product marketers can get meaningful insights on which content to make gated, what webinars to conduct to generate more MQLs.

Email Campaign Monitoring

Product marketers can now get the performance of the content in the email campaign so that they can design better email cadence and perform A/B testing on their messaging.


Innoventsoft platform provides integration with CRM tools, social media tools, analytics tools and Google sheets to gather all the data, analyze them using AI/ML and provide insights.


The AI content marketing platform for B2B software enterprises to generate purposeful content and drive organic reach.

Improved Visibility for decision making

Sales and Marketing stakeholders get 360° information on content performance on a single dashboard for better decision-making

Save time to gather ROI report

Digital marketers don’t have to spend hours on Friday to fetch data from various tools and compile reports for stakeholder

Enhance Collaboration

Product marketing, digital marketing and campaign team can collaborate to increase performance WoW, MoM, or QoQ marketing results.

Lead generation opportunities

Stay on top of competition and current trends to leverage the untapped opportunities at the right time.

Improve Your Traffic Conversions Revenue

Innoventsoft helps you research, write, and optimize high-quality SEO content in minutes instead of hours.