B2B SEO as a Service

90% of the organization effort goes wasted without proper SEO strategy

Every work organization does is finally converted into a webpage. If webpages are not optimized and not consumed by the target audience, then organizational efforts are wasted.

B2B Customers Trusting Us to Track their Metrics

SEO as a Service, an element of success for B2B organizations

Constant optimizing of web pages provides higher returns in terms of website traffic and brand visibility.

Transform your marketing process, and radically improve brand awareness

Use SEO techniques to transform underutilized webpages

90% of the web content is forgotten with time. Optimize them constantly so that they attract more audiences with minimal effort.

Track brand awareness KPIs with SEO

Set a quarterly goal to your brand awareness and perform SEO exercises to amplify your brand visibility in various channels.

Win customers with creating compelling content first and then optimizing it

Content comes before SEO, even in dictionary

Write content for different stages of customer journey and make an impact

Constantly optimize your content and measure

After the content is written you can optimize it to attract more traffic to your website

Win your your market with better customer experience

Customer experience means optimized everything- content, page and UI/UX

Provide unique customer experience by creating unique UI/UX to ensure they are engaged to the optimum level

Enhance customer experience with more personalization

Personalize web page messages, Ads, landing pages, etc, based on their demographics and firmographics.

SEO as a Service includes

B2B Website Optimization

Perform on-page, off-page and technical SEO with our AI-based platform

B2B Content as a Service

Create content that matters to the B2B end-audience in their sales journey

B2B Website Personalization

Personalize messages, landing page and design based on various audience demographics

B2B Marketing KPI Tracking

Track the important metrics that are important to success of your B2B brand

Social Media as a Service

Engage and win your audience in Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube with our unique insights on message tonality and optimization.

Lead Generation as a Service

Get more quality leads automatically from organic and social media channels and focus on revenue conversion.

Benefits of SEO to various B2B Stakeholders

CMO and CEO will now observe improved mind share of the brands among their audience.

Product marketers can now enjoy more output in terms of overall traffic from their efforts being put into personalisation of content and CTAs

With SEO as a Service, Content marketers can now produce more blogs or assets without worrying too much on optimization.

Digital marketers can say bye to time-consuming optimization exercises. They can react to the suggestions made by ICM platform for optimization of content.

With more traffic to optimized pages, demand gen managers can now focus on innovative ways to convert the traffic into leads.

FAQs By B2B Marketers

99% of the SEO tools and services fail to provide business goals of generating leads because they focus on technical optimization. B2B customers depend highly on content before converting into leads.
Our unique approach of creating content first and then optimizing it has delivered exceptional results to many leading B2B unicorns and large enterprises.

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SEO is not a one-time exercise. It is a weekly, if not daily, exercise. The exercise involves both producing right content faster and optimizing it and then constantly monitoring older content performance and frequently optimizing it.

Digital marketers and product marketers can leverage Innoventsoft Platform tools to optimize their already published content and get exception returns from their efforts.

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90% of the website pages are not optimized regularly due to which even a digitally matured company loses their online positioning in Google. It is extremely challenging for digital marketers to manually optimize each page, and there is no mechanism to validate their work after performing SEO exercises.

Innoventsoft Platform performs SEO audits on each page, using its AI and NLP technologies, and provides suggestions to improve everyday. It then validates, and measures the output of each SEO exercise.

Explore all the pricing options Innoventsoft has to offer

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